Jan ReportAll we can say is thank you to the fantastic vendors in Brooklyn, NY, Chicago and Washington, D.C. that want to bring fairness to our, apparently, unfair state, Colorado. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, let us explain. Complete Colorado reported that Tom Steyer and several liberal donors, including New Belgium Brewery, have set the State Senate in their sights. They want to turn the Colorado State Senate into the 2013 heyday that stole freedom from almost all Coloradans.

Given the local nature of such an electoral process, one would think that liberals would have local Colorado firms working on this important task. You would be wrong. Here is a list of the vendors that will bring “fairness” (read: liberal policies) to Colorado, just from the last filing:

  • AL Media, Chicago, $20,950
  • Greenlight Media, Brooklyn, NY, $35,511
  • Mudkey Katowitz, Washington, D.C., $13,570
  • Gumbinner & Davies, Washington, D.C., $63,165
  • The Strategy Group, Chicago, $15,873

To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with using out-of-state vendors, but almost exclusively out-of-state vendors is a little different.  The only Colorado expenditures are to 1st Bank in the form of bank fees, a few hundred dollars to Democratic go-to lawyer Martha Tierney, and postage. One would think that an organization dedicated to delivering fairness to Colorado, implying that the state as a whole is somehow unfair, would at least have some people from the state working on the media and message.

If liberal strongholds Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. want to bring their brand of “fairness” to Colorado, we say no thank you.