Hillary Rodham ClintonLooks like Hillary Clinton and Michael Bennet are comparing notes on how to get elected in Colorado after they supported the shutdown of Guantanamo Bay and relocation of detainees and known terrorists to the U.S., and oops, into the backyards of voters.

Bennet’s problem, one of many anyway, is that he supported the closure and ultimate relocation to the U.S. in several Senate votes.

Hillary’s last action as Secretary of State was to urge Obama to close Gitmo and bring prisoners to the U.S. by using National Security waivers to bypass Congress.

Now as a presidential wanna be, Hillary suddenly has nothing to say about the secret actions she encouraged Obama to take.

Watch closely as Hillary tosses her former boss under the bus with complete abandon during a speech in South Carolina just one day before she campaigned in Denver on Saturday.

She wants to see what he will recommend? Is it because it was her recommendation? And she has no earthly idea what that will be?

We’re not buying it.

It’s insulting to the voters of South Carolina and Colorado that she refuses to state a position on it now. If she is elected president, and God help us if that happens, it will be her responsibility to bare the burden of Obama’s decision and the ramification of those actions.

The media needs to nail her on this question, and demand that she answer it.