bennet capitolU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is demanding that a political president and politicians in Congress not play politics when confirming a new Supreme Court judge to a bench filled with political appointments.

“The Senate should fulfill its Constitutional obligation without letting partisan politics intervene,” Bennet said in a written statement provided to 9NEWS. “When the President nominates someone, that person should get a full and fair review.”

Like the fair hearing Clarence Thomas received from Democrats? Or the refusal by Democrats to vote on several of President George W. Bush’s federal court nominees.

Or, how about when Senate-leader-in-waiting Chuck Schumer said Democrats should not allow Bush to make any more Supreme Court appointments except in the most dire of circumstances, because the judges would be conservative?

That kind of fairness?

We expect the eventual nominee will get a full and fair review in the vetting and hearing process, while the Democrats and Bennet are screaming that by “full review,” they meant 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is calling for the appointment to be delayed until after the election, so that voters have a say in the process.

“This is the President’s opportunity to put what’s best for the country over politics, and act in a selfless and bipartisan manner.”

We agree with Gardner, and to the victor should go the spoils. The only thing to gain from moving forward during a presidential election year is to further divide the electorate, and Obama has already added that accomplishment to his bucket list.

Confirming a Supreme Court Justice is a lengthy process, and the only reason Democrats are stomping their feet and insisting on a rush job is they fear their party won’t be in the White House long enough to finish the job. As for Bennet, we suspect he won’t be there to finish the job, either.