S-CadmanThe off-chance that a Colorado Republican would criticize fellow Republicans in Congress escalated quickly this week.

Colorado Senate President Bill Cadman offered his thoughts to the Denver Post on how the Supreme Court confirmation should proceed in Washington, and faster than anyone can say “party schism,” the Post reported that Cadman split from the GOP and was demanding they not block Obama’s future nominee.

The Colorado Springs Republican’s remarks align with more with the message from Democrats — and diverge from GOP leaders, including Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, who want President Barack Obama to delay a nomination for the new president.

Cadman quickly issued a statement saying his words were taken out of context, here’s what Cadman wanted to convey:

“I wasn’t misquoted by the reporter but nothing I said should be interpreted as aligning me with Democrats, or against Republican colleagues, on the question of nominating and confirming a replacement for Justice Scalia. My comment that ‘both sides have a job to do’ simply meant that the Senate’s job of confirming a nominee, through its powers of advice and consent, is equal in importance to the President’s job of nominating someone. If a majority of Senators choose to reject a nominee, or delay confirmation until after President Obama leaves office, they are perfectly within their rights, in my opinion, and doing the ‘job’ the Constitution assigns them. I simply observed that the timing of this vacancy gives Republicans added leverage in possibly shaping and influencing the legal leanings of any potential nominee.”

The Post added Cadman’s comments but the blog post still gives the impression of a schism, especially in the photo caption that says “Cadman is splitting from Washington Republicans.”

We believe Cadman’s extended statement is what he truly believes, and it’s not any different from what most Republicans believe, either.

The Senate’s job is that of advice and consent, and sometimes the Senate advises a president that their nominee doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of passing.

And right now, that snowball is looking like a solid piece of ice, despite the global warming effects on Hades.