gitmoThis morning, Foreign Policy magazine published an article on the impact on the 2016 election that President Obama’s attempts to relocate GITMO detainees (read: terrorists) to Florence, Colorado. One quote caught our eye as particularly disingenuous. It was from embattled Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet’s spokesperson. Here’s the excerpt:

But a rekindled battle between Congress and the Obama White House over Guantanamo will be bad for Sanders, too, and also threatens other Democratic candidates further down the ticket. Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet is one of the most vulnerable Democrats fighting to hold on to his seat. Any proposal to move Guantanamo detainees to his state is sure to cause him political difficulties in what is expected to be a tight race, though the Republican field to replace him remains crowded.

Bennet spokeswoman Erin McCann told Foreign Policy the senator has already said moving detainees to Colorado — or anywhere in the U.S. — is a bad idea.  “Congress has specifically prohibited the President from transferring prisoners from Guantanamo to American soil,” she said. “The President signed that very measure into law just months ago.  Furthermore, the Administration has not justified housing military prisoners anywhere but at a military facility, has not presented Congress with a coherent plan, and has not worked with local communities in any productive way.” (Peak emphasis)

Yes, Erin McCann, everyone hears you say that your boss said it’s a bad idea. But there’s a problem. Bennet voted three times against legislation that would have blocked GITMO detainees’ transfer here. So, yes, Bennet already has said it’s a bad idea, but the problem remains that his statements conflict with his actions.

PeakNation™, if it makes you uncomfortable that President Obama is sending GITMO detainees to your state, you should thank Sen. Bennet. He was for the transfer to Colorado before he was against the political headwinds that transfer would bring. There’s no breaking out of that self-imposed prison.