MichaelBennetofficialphotoEmbattled U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is facing the fight of his life in his re-election campaign and, so, he has tried to position himself as a moderate here in Colorado. One way that he’s done this is to walk a fine line on oil and natural gas issues.

Too bad that the League of Conservation Voters is blowing his cover.

A tidbit in Politico this morning reveals that this rabid Democratic front group environmental group is plowing $370,000 into ads against U.S. senators who opposed an amendment that would have decreased oil and gas subsidies.  LCV also will spend money praising senators who supported it. Like Senator Bennet. From Politico:

“The League of Conservation Voters will announce a $370,000 digital ad campaign criticizing Sens. Rob Portman, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey and Dean Heller for opposing an amendment to the Senate energy bill (S. 2012) that would have phased out many fossil fuel subsidies. The campaign will also praise Sens. Michael Bennet, Mark Warner, and Bob Casey for supporting the amendment.”

Look, we hate corporate welfare, too, but getting rid of oil and natural gas subsidies while simultaneously keeping (or god forbid increasing) subsidies to the green energy industry just picks winners and losers, with one of Colorado’s biggest industries forced into the loser category.

Likely, this move by LCV is meant to help Bennet with his problematic Democrat base, which is largely composed of frothing environmentalists. Unfortunately, Bennet cannot both satisfy his base and maintain the support of the oil and gas industry.