Much to the chagrin of Democrats, Colorado taxpayers will see TABOR refunds this year.

According to The Denver Post:

Depending on what adjusted gross income they report, single filers can Picking From The Money Treeexpect to see TABOR refunds from $13 to $41. That lower figures is for a filer reporting $36,000 or less on Line 25 of the Colorado 104 tax form, while the higher figure is for someone reporting more than $204,000 on that line.

Joint filers can expect to get double those amounts, from $26 at the lower income range to $82 at the higher range.

This is great news for those who support fiscal restraint and small government. It is also nice for taxpayers to actually see a TABOR refund because that is the best way to remind them why this law is important and how it benefits them.