Hillary Rodham ClintonYesterday, the entire Clinton family was stumping for Hillary for President up and down the I-25 corridor, and today we know why. A Washington Free Beacon poll shows Hillary trailing her socialist opponent Bernie Sanders in Colorado by six points – 43 to 49 percent, respectively. Nine percent of those interviewed are undecided.

According to the Free Beacon, this represents “a monumental shift from November, when Clinton led Sanders by 28 points in a Quinnipiac University poll”. Perhaps even more shocking is that Sanders is beating Clinton by 46 points among those under 30 and even young women are saying no thanks.

Ouch. Is Hillary’s campaign in free fall? She only won Iowa because of a few strategic coin tosses, Sanders slaughtered her in New Hampshire, Nevada is looking problematic for her, her fundraising is drying up, and, now, she’s behind in Colorado.

March 1 will be a watershed moment for Team Clinton as Colorado, and a dozen other states, caucus on Super Tuesday. If Hillary does not show well, it is difficult to see how her campaign survives.

More importantly, Hillary’s survival is bigger than her campaign. The Democratic establishment has lined up to support her, and Colorado’s top Democratic electeds have all endorsed her. Hillary’s fall is about the Democratic establishment losing the stranglehold on the base that it once so artfully controlled.