Hillary Rodham ClintonAfter the Democratic establishment effectively squashed the voices of the Democratic grassroots in Nevada and South Carolina with Hillary Clinton wins, Colorado received the best gift of all – a visit from former Predator Commander in Chief Bill Clinton. Hillar-iously, Team Clinton has worked overtime in Colorado to shore up the millennial vote as well as the female vote in the state that carried to term the left’s War on Women narrative.

Last week, Chelsea Clinton appeared with actress America Ferrera, who was not a warm up for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (see: Bill Clinton), but meant to attract young women to the fold for Hillary. Then, Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards stumped for Hillary, during which, according to campaign staffer Kristin Lynch, Richards said, “[there’s] only one candidate who her entire life has been dedicated to advancing women’s rights and that’s Hillary.”

Advancing women’s rights…as long as those women have not been inappropriately propositioned by a man in power, like Bill Cosby Clinton, who followed Ferrera and Richards in an attempt to garner support for Hillary.

The lack of self-awareness exercised by Hillary’s campaign is stunning. Her team of fluffers unleashes women to convince women – young women – that Hillary is fighting for them and in the same breath unleashes Bill Clinton, who would have preyed on the exact young women the campaign hoped to attract. At the same time that Richards claims that nobody has fought for women like Hillary, the campaign puts Bill Clinton, the man for whom Hillary destroyed a young woman’s life, on stage.

This is why people don’t like Hillary. On one hand, society condemns Bill Cosby, who preyed on young women; on the other hand, it exalts Bill Clinton, who preyed on young women. This might just be the most disingenuous campaign ever run.