Sen. Bennet LiesU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s reelection campaign will be brought to you this campaign season by the reformed capitalist pigs of Wall Street, who the Washington Free Beacon reports are the Democrat’s top political donors.

Back when Bennet wasn’t campaigning for reelection, he demanded the Senate protect the American people from “the abuses and excessive risks” of the “big banks and lobbyists on Wall Street” who had “gambled our economy into the great recession.”

Despite his support for Wall Street reform, Bennet continues to rake in big donations from the financial industry. Citigroup and Goldman Sachs are among the top contributors to his campaign and his super PAC, Common Sense Colorado.
Overall, Bennet received $1,002,800 from securities and investment groups between 2011 and 2015. Other top industries contributing to the Democrat’s campaign include lawyers ($745,377), and lobbyists ($243,656).

Man of the people, Bennet would have his Democratic constituents think of him.

But with Hillary Clinton fighting back against criticism for refusing to release her speech transcripts that Goldman Sachs paid her six-figures to deliver, and Bernie Sanders out there whipping up the party’s liberal base with his anti-Wall Street, anti-big business rhetoric, we wonder if Democrats will be hypocrites when it comes to scrutinizing Bennet’s ties to those capitalist pigs he claimed to abhor.