Old symbol.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is going to great lengths to campaign against President Obama’s plan to close Gitmo and move the detainees to a Colorado prison, venturing behind enemy lines this week to appear on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Gardner was outnumbered by the usual Democrat suspects on the loony-left network, who made a ridiculous defense for President Obama’s plan to close the military-style barracks where prisoners of the war on terror are held.

Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware argued that Guantanamo Bay had become a symbol for terrorists, and like all good liberals, Coons feels that if we change the name (words matter!) of their jail, it will no longer be a recruiting cry.

Supermax is so much harder to pronounce than Guantanamo Bay, it will take the terrorist years to learn how to make this the new rallying term, we suppose.

Gardner told the panel there are serious questions that must be examined, in particular, what happens when the detainees end up before a federal court for trial?

“The Department of Justice was turning backflips trying to explain how ‘oh, this doesn’t give them rights or access.’ I guarantee you they are going to try and do this,” Gardner said.

Then right on cue, Evelyn Farkas, the former deputy assistant secretary of Defense, insisted that terrorists are people too, and that foreign-born terrorists have the exact same constitutional rights as American-born citizens, so they should be moved to the U.S. and given those rights in a trial.

Pretty scary stuff. Check out the interview here: