Yesterday, Martin Wirth, a former Green Party candidate and Occupy Denver participant shot and killed Park County Sheriff’s Deputy, Nate Carrigan, as Carrigan delivered an eviction notice to the man. First, our hearts go out to the loved ones of the 12-year veteran, and we thank the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect us each day.

We don’t want this post to be overly political. That said, we feel compelled to comment on bizarre tweets from Aurora Sentinel editor, Dave Perry, who claimed on Twitter that one could not pinpoint the allegiance of Wirth. It is clear that Wirth is aligned with the left when one examines some of his bizarre Facebook posts, like the one below.

Martin Wirth

Now, let’s be clear, nobody condones police violence against anyone, much less against Buddhist nuns. That said, the Occupy movement is ideologically aligned with the Democratic party, not the Republican, but that didn’t stop Perry from attempting to distance Democrats from this psycho.

Here is the truth. It does not matter whether this guy was aligned with the left or the right.

Unlike ProgressNow and other Democrats’ blame game with the Planned Parenthood shooting, we have no intention of blaming the left’s anti-police hate speech for his crime. Why not? Because Wirth is an adult and adults make their own decisions. He is the scum of the earth for killing a police officer who was there merely to drop off an eviction notice, which we have no doubt was earned. Wirth’s decision, and his decision alone, means that Carrigan’s family and friends will mourn his absence from their lives. We will not absolve Wirth from the guilt of his actions just because Democrats fueled anti-police sentiment.

Wirth, by most accounts, is guilty and should spend the rest of his miserable life in jail…surrounded by law enforcement.