Bad news, Democrats, union membership in Colorado is declining. The Denver Business Journal reports:

In 2014, union members accounted for 9.5 percent of wage-and-salary workers in the state. In 2015, membership slipped to 8.4 percent. down-arrow

This isn’t new news exactly. The decline of union membership continues a decades-long trend. However, unions remain top funders of Democrat campaigns in numbers that far exceed direct donations. For all the disdain for special interests in politics, unions can by no means be left out of the conversation (Attn: Bernie Sanders and all of your supporters).

The teachers union in Jefferson County, for example, led and funded the recall of the three school board members as we have covered extensively. This was done with money collected from members’ dues, and which those members had virtually no say in how it was spent. Unions in Colorado also spend millions supporting state legislative candidates.

Given all that, we’re left celebrating the news that their ranks are waning. We can only hope this death by a thousand cuts continues to deteriorate union influence on Colorado politics.