So, you're saying we cannot reuse War on Women messaging? But, what will we run on?

So, you’re saying we cannot reuse War on Women messaging? But, what will we run on?

A recent USAToday article had us mentally patting national Democrats on the head in pity. The article was about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s impact on Colorado’s U.S. Senate race, but also touched on Bennet’s campaign. One line was particularly funny:

“One difference that Democrats are hoping for is that Bennet runs a better campaign than Udall. Many criticized Udall’s focus on reproductive and women’s rights.”

Just a friendly reminder to USAToday writer Bill Theobald – the truth is that Bennet basically ran Udall’s campaign. Bennet and his Bannock Street Project may have learned lessons from the Udall race, but it doesn’t appear that “focusing too much on women’s uteri is problematic” is one of them.

A quick scan of Twitter over the past couple of months shows that the left has been overly-focused on Planned Parenthood, reproductive rights, and perceived women’s pay differential. Polling in Colorado shows over and over that women are not focused on these issues, but on the issues that everyone cares about – the economy, jobs, Second Amendment, national security, and more.

Democrats only have one play in the playbook – gin up fears that Republicans are going to take away birth control. Unfortunately, the last time that worked well was four years ago. Since then, women have wised up, but Democrats have not.