wildearthThe Western Slope has lost another coal mine and with it, nearly 70 jobs. The announcements in both the Denver Post and Daily Sentinel focused on the impact of market conditions of the coal industry they say forced the closure, which are admittedly poor.

But there was no mention of the lawsuit brought by Wildearth Guardians against the Bowie No. 2 mine in Paonia last fall, that mirrored the greenies failed attempt to shut down the Colowyo Mine near Craig.

The environmentalists are harassing Colorado mines through the court system and under a judge whose appointment was made possible by U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. They are insisting the open comment periods be reopened so that global warming is taken into consideration.

Not global warming caused by the mining operation itself. Wildearth is insisting on crystal ball predictions to foretell the effects of global warming when that coal is later burned at another location to create power and heat our homes.

Whether the mine could have remained operational during the down market without the financial burden of frivolous lawsuits, we don’t know, but it’s a certainty it wasn’t helping.

No doubt environmentalists are celebrating the closure, and are writing letters to their funders asking for more money to continue their cause, and to pay for their higher electricity bills to keep the lights on.