Hillary Rodham ClintonDespite endorsements from the loftiest of Colorado Democratic elite, Hillary Clinton ran into the Centennial State Wall. Again. The final tally of the delegate race in Colorado was 58.9% Sanders to 40.4% Clinton, meaning that Sanders picked up 33 delegates to Clinton’s 24.

It’s not that Clinton is unqualified for office. She is probably the most qualified Democratic presidential nominee, well, since she was the nominee last time around. It’s that her brand simply doesn’t sell in Colorado. Rich, aloof, and snobbish might play well on the coasts, but it bombs (clearly) here in Colorado.

Sen. Michael Bennet, take note.

Make no mistake, this was a huge loss for Hillary, but it also was a huge loss for the Democratic “establishment”.

Her Colorado endorsements included former Secretary of the Interior and U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, Governor John Hickenlooper, former Governors Ritter and Romer, Sen. Michael Bennet, Reps. Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, Jared Polis, former Rep. Betsy Markey, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, former Mayor Wellington Webb, and more.

If Democrats snickered as the divide between the so-called grassroots and establishment in the Republicans Party deepened, Democrats are getting their comeuppance now.