EPAEPA Chief Gina McCarthy sat in a trough full of gasoline then lit her pants on fire during a presentation at the Harvard School of Public Health on Monday.

She was spreading “the good news about” the Gold King Mine blowout they caused, part of which was the shiny orange color the Animas River ran.

“It really was a bright color, but the bright color was because the iron was oxidizing,” McCarthy said.

As PeakNation™ also recalls, the blowout didn’t actually pollute the river at the time of the spill, it was only when the EPA wanted Superfund declared was it revealed that, uhh, maybe it did.

The biggest whooper exposed by this video is this insistence by McCarthy:

“It meant we had actually less problem than how it usually leaks, which is pretty constantly, and so it was only a half a day’s release of what generally comes from those mines and goes into those rivers.”

Memo to McCarthy: There’s a huge difference between a “leak,” and the freaking gusher your people unleashed on the Animas River, as evidenced by the video’s before and after shots.

Apparently, that leak can trickle so deeply that it flooded a pick-up truck, knocked down trees and wiped out roads.