Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895As if it wasn’t bad enough that Bernie Sanders took Colorado last night and undermined the Democratic establishment, but now activists are turning on Democratic chairman Rick Palacio for his poor management of the caucus process. Palacio tried to pat himself on the back about the high turnout that Bernie inspired, but activists were having none of it. Here are just a couple tweets about last night’s caucus:

Ouch. But it gets worse. Palacio’s incompetence also led to the disenfranchisement of hundreds of voters, according to the Denver Post

“A crowd stretching four blocks from a Boulder Democratic caucus site became disillusioned Tuesday night as hundreds of people were turned away because of overcrowding. 

“‘It was a jolly crowd for a while. We were saying, ‘Isn’t this great.’ Look how many people came out … We had prepared talking points. We were ready,’ said Boulder resident Linda Kelley.

“But the Kelleys and about 200 people were at first coaxed to stay tight and be patient before ultimately learning that they would not be allowed inside Centennial Middle School to caucus, Kelley said.

“‘It was just so disappointing. We felt like were were shut out of the whole process,’ she said.”

More Democrats have been disenfranchised by the Colorado Democratic Party than by any Republican. And, to quote the head of the Colorado Democrats, “incompetence by elected officials is no justification for denying citizens their right to vote.”

It’s too bad that Chairman Palacio’s incompetence didn’t extend to his own election, which some Democratic activists charge was rigged. But Palacio has our sympathies. It’s super duper hard to plan for an entire Super Tuesday caucus from the rarefied air in Aspen, or at least we imagine it is.