gitmoProving once again that President Obama and his administration are inept when it comes to politics, it’s now being reported that they did not release the new branch locations of Guantanamo Bay prison, because politics.

The Obama administration withheld from Congress the names of 10 potential mainland U.S. sites to house detainees now at the Guantanamo Bay prison out of concern that the disclosure would exacerbate political disputes over closing the facility in Cuba.

According to our source, Mr. Google, closing Gitmo and sending prisoners to U.S. jails had already inflamed political disputes over closing Gitmo and sending prisoners to U.S. jails before the administration officially told us they were closing Gitmo and sending prisoners to U.S. jails.

We know that the 13 undisclosed locations include prisons in Colorado, Kansas and South Carolina, but Obama would now have us believe they have to keep the others hush, hush, because this is strictly an issue about saving taxpayer dollars, not the fact that revealing those locations would likely get Democrats kicked out of office.

And, we don’t need to be worrying about frivolous details like national security or the danger an undisclosed location might create for the surrounding community. Only the bottom line of saving taxpayer dollars should be considered, like the time when Democrats wanted to end the war against terrorism because it was too costly.

Democrats would rather see us waste billions of taxpayer dollars to stop global warming, which by the way they blame for causing terrorism.

If only we could convince Democrats that relocating terrorist detainees to the U.S. caused global warming, we could shut down Obama’s scheme in a hot minute.