A socialist won in Colorado last night, and that is something that should make all of us very nervous. Colorado Democrats are so passionate about Bernie Sanders that The Denver Post notes they “showed up in larger-than-expected numbers across the metro area and other parts of Colorado.” The caucus results weren’t even close with Sanders winning 58.9 percent of the votes compared to Hillary Clinton’s 40.3 percent.

While the mainstream media continues to freak out over Donald Trump’s rise, they should take a moment to consider what a Sanders presidency would actually mean for Colorado. BernieSanders

For instance, take some of the major tenants of Sander’s platform:

  • He would ban fracking, which would mean a loss of $31.7 billion to Colorado’s economy and could put over 100,000 Coloradans out of work.
  • His plan to make college tuition free would still require states to cover 33 percent of the cost, something that would impossible for Colorado to do without a massive tax increase, as our institutions have already seen their share of state funding steadily decline.
  • He would expand Obamacare to create a wholly run government healthcare system. We need look no farther than the government’s failure to build a new VA hospital in Aurora for evidence of why this is a horrible idea.
  • He opposes free trade and would reverse NAFTA, which would hurt Colorado farmers who export hundreds of millions of dollars of products to Mexico annually.

And these are just a handful of examples.  Scary, right?