Michael BennetThis morning, the Washington Post reported on the Top Ten Senate Races in the 2016 season and named Colorado number eight. Surely, this is not news to anyone living in Colorado as the race has already heated up. Nonetheless, here is what the Washington Post said about the race:

“Colorado is one of the few potential bright spots for Republicans. Sen. Michael Bennet (D) is hoping to win reelection to his second full term, and he’s taking nothing for granted after his former Democratic colleague, former senator Mark Udall, lost in 2014 to charismatic Rep. Cory Gardner. He ended 2015 with $6.7 million in the bank. Republicans are hoping Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay — and possibly put some prisoners in Colorado — will put Bennet on the defensive in this swing state. (Bennet supports closing Guantanamo, but he believes detainees should be held at military facilities, of which there are none in Colorado. And he opposes bringing detainees to Colorado.) But first Republicans have got to find a candidate: There are more than a dozen GOP challengers, and top recruit after top recruit has declined to jump in the fray. What began as perhaps the GOP’s top target is very much an open question.”

Republican voters will sort this out – we have a terrific bench from which to choose. The only open question is why Bennet thinks Colorado voters will excuse all of his votes that could lead to Gitmo prisoners’ transfer to Colorado.