brian-maassThis is just getting ridiculous. A CBS4 report last night revealed that Stuart Shapiro, a Denver City Attorney on leave as a misconduct case is investigated, received another glowing performance review and a raise. Shapiro has not worked on a case since July 2014. Shapiro will now make $147,066, up from $142,922. Essentially, he received a $4,000 raise for literally doing nothing.

This is outrageous.

We first reported on Shapiro last month when Brian Maass revealed Shapiro’s money for nothing “job” scheme. Shapiro has so far collected over $200,000 to do absolutely nothing. And the reason he’s on leave is even better. It was for potential misconduct stemming from a case related to police brutality a few years ago. That case cost the city of Denver $3.25 million (not counting Shapiro’s $200,000 pay day).

If misconduct gets one an all-expenses paid vacation on the couch, count us in.  But, really, we just want to know what it takes to get fired in Hancock’s administration. Adrienne Benavidez? Care to weigh in?