Hillary Rodham ClintonU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s coattails weren’t long enough for the Democratic presidential frontrunner to carry Colorado, which most assuredly means that Hillary Clinton won’t include him on the ticket as her vice presidential running mate.

Unless Bennet starts wearing Che Guevara tee shirts underneath rumbled suits and promising free tuition to acupuncture medical school, his future with Colorado’s Democratic base sounded a death rattle.

Amelia Chassé, press secretary for  America Rising PAC, hit the nail on the head:

“Secretary Clinton learned the hard way Tuesday night what Coloradans have known for some time; that Senator Bennet is the the only politician more unpopular than she is in the Centennial State. A Clinton-Bennet ticket would clearly be a race to the bottom to see who Colorado voters like less.”

Bennet endorsed Hillary nearly a year ago and is a member of her leadership council. He’s done about as good a job on her campaign as his own — he’s raising money from Wall Street and Hollywood, it’s just that the voters don’t like him much.

Keep up the good work, Bennet!