In the Obama administration’s continuing quest to be the least transparent presidency in recent memory, they are still refusing to release information to Congress about the millions of dollars in taxpayer money they wasted on politically correct, alternative energy companies.

Those corporations included Solyndra and the Colorado-based Abound, which produced products that were so effective in producing heat that the solar panels literally burst into flames.

Needless to say, the company soon went dark and took $70 million in taxpayer dollars with it when it folded.

House lawmakers drilled Energy Department officials during a hearing this week about their refusal to turn over government documents as part of a congressional inquiry into the wasteful expenditures.

“It is disconcerting that the executive director of a major government program is unwilling to commit — to actually commit — to providing all the documents that an investigation committee of the Congress has requested,” California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher told Mark McCall, the head of the DOE’s loan office, in a hearing Thursday, “and that the answer being given is using weasel words — is what we used to call them in the press.”

According to some emails already released, Energy Department hacks were pressuring U.S. Treasury officials to loan Abound up to $400 million, and supplied misleading information to secure the loan.

It’s been four years since Congress began investigating this scandal and if they still can’t get documents from the Obama administration to determine what went wrong, we have little hope that the House Natural Resources Committee will fare any better in its investigation into the EPA’s Animas River spill.

We should know some answers to both investigations by this time next year. Either a Republican will be in the White House and will expose the corruption of the Obama administration. Or, Hillary Clinton will be elected, and she’ll start issuing emails over an unsecured server, which will be hacked by China and leaked on the Internet.

Stay tuned.