Fact-checking outfit Politifact’s announcement that it would open a branch in Colorado and partner with KMGH Channel 7 News was met with serious side eye around these parts. First and foremost, let’s just say that news reporting, especially political news reporting, is not KMGH‘s strong suit. PeakNation™, you may remember the silliness when one of KMGH’s reporters criticized Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez’s cartoon mountains because they looked more like mountains from another state, despite the fact that they were cartoons. Yes, the reporting is that bad.

It looks like we were right to be skeptical. A quick analysis of Politifact’s first few months here shows that the group only has dinged Republican politicians, despite Democratic politicians’ frequent half-truths. Most recently, Politifact said that charges that embattled Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet wanted to bring detainees from GITMO to Colorado were false. Perhaps Politifact missed all the times that Bennet’s vote enabled such a transfer.

Even worse, Politifact tried to hit Republican Rep. Mike Coffman on “changing the definition of rape”, but contradicted its own ruling on the very topic from a few years ago. Here is what Politifact said about the accusation that Republicans tried to change the definition of rape in 2012:

Politifact Mostly False

In 2016 and in Colorado, Politifact changed its tune when examining the same claim about the same piece of legislation but from an Emily’s List email sent about Mike Coffman.  For the record, the 2012 assessment is more accurate, but we cannot figure out why Politifact would reverse its previous opinion once in Colorado and working with Channel 7.

Somebody needs to fact check the fact checkers.