plug-in-hybrid-car-phev-bevCheck out Denver’s new building codes, the city is really stepping up to the plate to support fossil fuels by requiring that new homes have charging outlets to plug in hybrid vehicles.

Though opposed by homebuilders, the electric vehicle readiness requirement says new single-family homes and duplexes built in the city will need to have the right electrical wiring to support electric vehicle plugs in their garages. At the least, the new homes must have conduits leading to the electrical panel.

While owners of older homes often must dig or break through walls, that latter option would allow a resident to install the wiring needed for a charging plug easily.

So now all those aging hippies who can afford to drive hybrids and electric cars and save the planet at the same time from oil, gas and coal, can recharge their cars at home with electricity fueled by coal and natural gas when not operating on oil.

Go team!

That’s right planet huggers. According to the federal government, about 60 percent of electricity generated in Colorado comes from coal, 22 percent from natural resources, and 18 percent from renewable energy sources.

Our condolences to homebuilders for having to bear the additional costs for the requirement to fuel about ten percent of the cars on the road in the U.S.

But think of the jobs you will be saving in Colorado’s energy sector, which is under attack by greenies in their coal/gas/oil fueled vehicles.