AspenThe U.S. Appeals Court said no to environmental groups and yes to Colorado ski areas this week in a ruling that upholds the Roadless Rule but respects existing ski area development plans.

Special interest environmental groups argued unsuccessfully that when Aspen Skiing Co. wanted a wider trail for skiers leaving the Snowmass area, it constituted as a road.

The court deemed that Big Green’s argument was stupid, and there was much rejoicing.

“The court rightly recognized that it is appropriate—and perfectly lawful—for Coloradans to have a voice in how public lands in our state are managed,” said Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman.

The court found it appropriate for the Forest Service to heed Colorado’s determination of how best to manage land along national forest boundaries and protected the water supply.

We find it amusing that greenies made such a ruckus in the backyard and on the playground of the rich and famous, AKA, their financial backers.

If environmentalists had succeeded in this lawsuit and ski trails were deemed roads, they would be filing lawsuits all over the state to shut down ski trails.