Perfect coupleHillary Clinton, current former current Democratic frontrunner in this year’s presidential election, made nasty threats to the oil and gas industry during her debate this past Sunday with Senator and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. The two battled it out in one-upmanship of who loved the greenies more. To the question of whether he supported fracking, Bernie Sanders simply said, “No.” But, Hillary moved left because she’s just not energizing, so to speak, her base.

While Hillary stopped short of threatening to ban fracking altogether, she did make the following statement:

“So by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place. And I think that’s the best approach, because right now, there are places where fracking is going on that are not sufficiently regulated.”

That’s right – while she (probably) wouldn’t place and outright banning oil and gas production, her strategy would be to regulate the industry to death.

[Announcer: The base goes wild!]

Should she be chosen to run for president at the Democratic nominee, she can expect to lose Colorado’s vote in November, if for no other reason than for these comments alone.

Newsflash: This is not how you win an election, Hillary.

As a former Secretary of State, you would think that Hillary would understand how vital domestic oil and gas production has been for the United States. It has reduced our dependence on foreign oil and raised the quality of life of millions of Americans by providing access to affordable, abundant energy.

Hillary also likely doesn’t realize how offensive her comments are. In Colorado, as well as in other states across the U.S. where fracking plays a large role in the economy, over 175,000 people are directly employed by the oil and gas industry. On top of being ignorant, her remarks are just plain disrespectful to people who earn their living through the energy industry. Where will they go once she’s put their employers out of business?

Slow, systematic over-regulation will kill energy development, and her draconian policies would leave our families and communities out to dry – and in the dark.