Today, Rep. Joe Salazar will introduce a bill that would, in essence, destroy the oil and gas industry in Colorado. Salazar has been champing at the bit to make a name for himself, after years of idiotic missteps, by damning the oil and gas industry to hell. His bill would make oil and gas companies responsible for earthquakes that happen near drilling sites. Never-you-mind that there is zero scientific evidence that the two activities are actually linked. Who are the science deniers, again?

This is yet another episode of political theater since this bill has less than no chance of advancing in the Senate. Nonetheless, it’s still puzzling that Salazar could be so tone deaf as to call for an industry-killing measure while driving this gas guzzling car to the hearing.

Salazar Jeep

H/T to a loyal reader who sent this to us.

Perhaps Salazar should consider walking the walk on green issues before he tries to damage an entire industry.