mareks-vaccineThe political debate over vaccinating children has reached Creep Factor 5, with House Democrats now wanting to create a database to track children who have not been immunized against certain diseases.

Democrats insist it’s harmless, just a streamlining measure to take the burden off of school nurses from having to collect forms.

Oh, the humanity.

And they insist it does nothing to change vaccine requirements. They just want to put little Johnny and Susie in this online database, not to publicly shame them, just to track them.

Putting aside the debate over vaccinating your children, which some parents are concerned could actually hurt their kids, while others say their children are endangered when vaccines aren’t required, actually creating a database to track children goes way too far.

We missed the outcry from school nurses who insist they can’t do their jobs because of the debilitating paper cuts they’ve received from collecting forms.

We’re going to side with Republicans on this one — it’s a method of shaming parents who don’t immunize their kids, but the end result is shaming kids.

Shame on Democrats.