unequal scales of justiceNew ads started running in Colorado this weekend against one of President Obama’s potential nominees for the Supreme Court, and the two-fer deal also targets senators who would likely support the contentious judge, including U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, by running the ads in their home states.

Judge Jane Kelly was already confirmed by the Senate in 2013, and is reportedly on Obama’s short-list of Supreme Court nominees.

The ad was paid for by the Judicial Crisis Network, which according to Politico has hired Republican research group America Rising to examine the backgrounds of potential nominees including Kelly.

Take a look:

Democrats might want to tap back that rhetoric insisting that Obama’s eventual nominee get a vote during the height of the fall campaign season.

Even if the eventual nominee doesn’t get a vote, Obama’s selection of an extremist, left-leaning judge is likely to hurt the Democratic Party, especially in Colorado.