Michael BennetToday, a U.S. official revealed that Iran could launch a “three-stage rocket with a satellite on top ‘at any minute'”. This type of launch and rocket could give Iran a clue on intercontinental ballistic missile procedure and technology. This news comes on the heels of reports that last week Iran tested two other ballistic missiles and violated the U.N. resolution agreement that Democrats like Sen. Michael Bennet supported in the Senate.


In a hilarious twist, the contraband missiles that Iran fired carried messages stating:”Israel must be wiped from the earth”.

Well, we feel safer than we did in 2010, before Sen. Bennet was elected. Actually, that’s entirely sarcastic. Nobody feels safer. And Israel probably feels the least safe of all.  It’s no wonder that the Jewish community in Colorado is turning on Sen. Bennet. It’s not just that Israel is in danger and it’s no longer just a Jewish issue – it’s that nobody feels as safe as they once did.

And, Sen. Bennet has emboldened terrorists through his support of the Iran deal. And, let’s not even talk about his support to actually bring terrorists to Colorado from Guantanamo Bay. Is Sen. Bennet making us more or less safe? Is he working for Colorado or working for President Obama?