bennet capitolWill U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet check “New York Times endorsement” off his bucket list, now that his baby brother has been named editorial page editor of the Gray Lady?

Probably, if the national paper dabbled in Colorado politics, which we expect it will do, now more than ever.

James Bennet is currently the editor of the Atlantic but replace 60-year old Andrew Rosenthal, son of longtime NYT editor Abe Rosenthal, in May.

Too bad for Bennet that the Times already endorsed Hillary Clinton back when Martin O’Malley was in the race and it still didn’t matter, so his brother’s promotion won’t do him any good in making up for that embarrassing Colorado primary.

Wtih Colorado and numerous other states feeling the Bern, it might help Hillary to have a stronger friend of a friend working at the Times to explain things to their liberal voters readers, it just might.

At any right, with baby brother’s promotion, we’re putting Bennet back into the column for future VP pick for Hillary.