gold king mineA Washington-based news web site, The Daily Caller, has embarked on a four-part series investigating the events leading up to and after the Gold King mine spill.

It’s an ambitious undertaking that no other news organization has touched, not even our own Denver Post, which is too busy getting the state designated as a Superfund site.

So we will be following along this week, to see what new tidbits of information are uncovered as they explore what could have been done to prevent the incident (hire an engineer), the different accounts of what actually happened, and the official review of the spill, which revealed nothing.

Monday they kicked off the series with a deep dive into whether the actions were an “incident” or an “accident.”

Washington can be exhausting when it comes to parsing their language to stay out of trouble, and they are definitely stepping carefully when it comes to explaining what they did to cause the Gold King Mine spill.

Check it out.