beeNobody move.

Environmentalists now say the bumblebee is an endangered species, and the federal government agrees with them.

There must be no swatting, no stepping, no picking of flowers. No building of houses in bumblebee habitat, no oil, gas or coal development, and most of all, no grazing!

No use of pesticides, insecticides, and while we’re at it, someone should turn the light off as we exit the West, because climate change is also to blame.

A Defenders of Wildlife petition drove the decision by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials to launch a scientific review to determine whether bumblebees need federal protection to survive.

The petition declares western bumblebees at risk of extinction — hammered by habitat loss in the face of development and population growth, disease, pesticides and climate change.

No one wants to see the bumblebee go extinct, but we’re getting sick and tired of the typical overkill of federal government to use the delicate nature of a species as an excuse to shut down the West.

Using the bumblebee, the feds will finally have the mass weapon of destruction to rid public lands of grazing, once and for all.

There are probably some common steps that could be taken to help the species, but environmentalists will be more interested in using the insect to sting ranchers.