The race for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District is shaping up to be a fun one as five-term U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter has drawn a challenge from an ubber-lib A.K.A. a Bernie Sanders supporter. Not to mention the two Republicans vying to face him in the general election.

Can we just say hallelujah?

Rep. Perlmutter, courtesy of his Twitter profile

Rep. Perlmutter, courtesy of his Twitter profile

As loyal Peak readers know, nothing bothers us more than the free pass that Perlmutter seems to get from just about everyone. This guy is a champion of absolutely nothing except flying under the radar and really seems content to be a Congressman for life. If that’s his life’s ambition, fine. But it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have to justify his worth every cycle.

Ryan Frazier ran a tough campaign against Perlmutter in 2010 but lost 53 percent to 42 percent. Since then, the GOP establishment and major donors have kind of written off that district as a pickup. But why? Mike Coffman trounced Joe Miklosi in 2012 and then Andrew Romanoff in 2014, and Democrats still refuse to write off that seat.

Now, with Sanders backer retired Army Capt. Shawn Carlson challenging Perlmutter there might be an opening for Republicans to win the 7th. Or at least go up against a weakened incumbent.  Currently, Westminster City Councilman Bruce Baker and retired Army Major George Athanasopoulos have both said they plan to pursue the primary ballot at the GOP congressional district assembly.

And when it comes to the 7th CD, let’s not forget that it took Democrats three cycles to finally defeat Marilyn Musgrave. Some of this is about the long game, and no one deserves a free pass.