DegetteDemocratic U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette is launching an offensive to get money out of politics with fellow Democratic Rep. Paul Sarbannes. Here is how the bill would work, according to an interview with Colorado Public Radio:

“Members of Congress would agree to forego any donation over $1,000. They would get some matching funds from the federal government; for every single one of those individual donations of $1 to $150, it would be matched by the government at a six-to-one basis. And people would get tax credits [of up to $25] for the donations that they made. … It would also put members of congress back in their districts to raise money rather then raising money from PACs and big donors.”

That all sounds well and good (or something), but there’s a problem. Rep. DeGette is a major recipient of the very PAC dollars that she is complaining about. According to, DeGette has taken an amazing $305,210 from PACs. Notably, she has received $10,000 from McKesson Corporation and $7,500 from AbbeVie Inc., both of which are pharmaceutical or medical device companies.

Look, it’s not that we’re against money in politics, but if Rep. DeGette wants to position herself as a leader on getting money out of politics, perhaps she should stop taking hundreds of thousands of dollars per election cycle from corporate PACs. Just a tip.

You’re welcome, Rep. DeGette.