MorganCarroll smallSen. Morgan Carroll repeatedly has stated that she supports President Obama’s plan to close Gitmo, yet last week she voted in favor of supporting a state Senate resolution that discouraged the lease of local prisons to the federal government. The move was a way to voice opposition to transferring GITMO detainees to Colorado.

Perhaps it was an accidental vote because earlier that day, Carroll supported an amendment that would have undermined the intention of the resolution.

That’s three months after she told the Denver Post in December 2015:

“If we don’t have the evidence, we should quit holding people indefinitely,” said Carroll, who added that the U.S. should “charge, try and prosecute” the detainees and hold them in the most secure facility that’s available — even if it’s in Colorado.  “Only if we are the safest place.”

She quickly reversed course to tell ColoradoPols the Aurora Sentinel:

“It is absurd to say that I, or anyone else, wants to bring terrorists to Colorado.”

And that was two month after she told the Colorado Independent:

“Obviously, nobody wants convicted terrorists moving into Colorado — or anywhere else for that matter.”

With Carroll’s frequent flip flops on this issue, the issue is morphing from concerns about Coloradans’ safety to concerns over whether Coloradans can trust where Carroll stands on issues. This does not bode well for her super competitive race against Coffman.