coalAs speculation builds that Peabody Energy is bordering on bankruptcy affecting the Twentymile Mine in Routt County, radical environmental groups are circling like vultures and are picking at the company which is still very much alive.

The groups include WildEarth Guardians, which is Hell bent on putting energy out of business, Rainforest Action Group, which is doing more and more business in the arid mountains, and Greenpeace, because baby seals and whales hate coal.

After harassing coal companies with frivolous lawsuits to drive them out of business, the cartel is urging Peabody to just go ahead and close down, eliminate all those jobs and of course, “keep coal in the ground.”

Their demands are for Peabody to withdraw pending coal lease applications, relinquish all of their coal leases and move towards reclamation of all mining operations, while ensuring that the needs of workers and the community are met to transition the electrical power grid from coal to hamsters on wheels.

While they are at it, the groups probably want a letter of recommendation to send to their contributors bragging about how many people they’ve put out of work, and asking for more donations to keep their own worthless jobs.

Their demands came Wednesday as Peabody announced they were exercising a 30-day grace period on their debt payments while searching for alternatives with lenders, but were moving forward with business as usual.

Peabody is trying to sell the Twentymile Mine to Bowie Resources Partners, which would hopefully keep operations open without losing jobs.