Rocky_Mountain_Bull_ElkWe appreciate that people love our state and want to move here. What gets under our skin is, once they relocate, most want Colorado to become whatever state they just left.

Case in point, hunting.

We are a hunting state. We do it for sport, we do it for business, it’s part of our economic base, and we do it to put food on our table. It’s how Colorado manages the wildlife population, and we’re sorry that it involves politically incorrect guns or bows, or that some weapons might make noise and startle your first-world delicate nature.

But now it’s come to the point where the state legislature has to make a stand and pass a law to educate these newcomers.

A bill is moving through the Senate that reiterates Colorado’s hunting rights and protects the sport for future generations, the Durango Herald reports.

“This is very timely,” said Sen. Ellen Roberts, R-Durango. “It’s an important message to send to the entire state, as we continue to have a lot of population move into the state. Some people aren’t familiar with the important heritage and continuing tradition in many of our families for hunting.”

Democrats are opposing the bill. They say it’s not needed because they don’t want to ban hunting outright, they just want to regulate it out of existence.

The bill is headed to the Senate floor for debate, and we urge its passage.