prairie dogsNobody wants all of the prairie dogs of Fort Collins, where relocation efforts by a local rescue dog have failed to find the critters new digs, so they now face extermination.

The prairie dogs are burrowed underneath a construction site in Fort Collins where student housing is under development.

No word from Anonymous on whether he plans to shut down the developer’s computer system over the actions of animal activists to forcibly evict the rodents.

But the anarchist might want to take a look what New Belgium Brewing is up to:

The rescue group still plans to move two prairie dog colonies west of Lemay Avenue on property owned by New Belgium Brewing Co. and businessman Stan Scott, who plans to build a brewery and self-storage units on his property.

That’s right, New Belgium is evicting prairie dogs so they might develop new property.

PeakNation™ will recall the Great Prairie Dog Immigration Scandal of Castle Rock, when state officials raided a volunteer’s garage where hundreds of the critters were caged because relocation efforts there had failed.

It was the most bizarre case of hoarding, ever.

We wish the Fort Collins community good luck in their prairie dog downsizing efforts, but it just seems hypocritical to us that those teeth-gnashing liberals at New Belgium chose to disrupt the creatures habitat, which they spend so much money through environmental groups trying to protect.