pink camoThe latest in hunting haute couture is coming to Colorado, just as soon as Gov. Hickenlooper signs the bill that passed the legislature Tuesday making it legal for sportswomen and sportsmen to wear pink.

Not that we have anything against orange (Go Broncos!), but camouflage was due for a fashion overhaul.

Senate sponsor Kerry Donovan of Vail hopes the change will encourage more women to take part in the sport.

“Every hunting season I saw my brothers fit in, and I did not,” Donovan said of her bill when it was in a Senate committee. “The message was clear that hunting was for men, and it’s something that only men should do.”

Democrat cosponsor Rep. Daneya Esgar called it condescending that a woman would go hunting just because she can wear pink. Frankly, we find that remark condescending. Women go hunting because they enjoy the sport, and, gasp, like to eat the meat it produces.

Certainly it’s not the most important bill the legislature should be considering this session, but it promotes the sport, and ain’t nothing wrong with that.