Hillary Rodham ClintonSo desperate is Gov. Hickenlooper to be living with his buddy U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in Washington, D.C., that he’s not even being subtle about it. Hick hung the “Will Work For Food and Federal Health Insurance” sign around his neck during today’s announcement of his new lieutenant governor. When asked if he would complete his term as governor, Hick hedged, according to the Denver Post:

He avoided answering the question directly, but said a moment later: “As I’ve said frequently, if I was offered something in Washington, I would certainly look at it.” At the moment, he added, “I could not be happier to be governor of Colorado.”

Throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton and then losing the state for her to Bernie Sanders isn’t the stuff of which plush Washington appointments are made.

We suspect it cost him the Veep spot. The best he could hope for would be a pity post. Perhaps as Postmaster General, or a subpar sub-cabinet level position within the EPA as assistant deputy undersecretary of climate change disaster preparedness at the Arctic Circle.

Our advice to Hick, don’t quit your day job, you’re going to need it through 2018. And if you have to cheapen yourself by begging, at least don’t do it publicly. Send Hillary an email, we understand she’s technilogically savvy now.