Dear Democrats who like to complain about big money in politics:

It’s time to take a look in the mirror. queen

Sen. Jessie Ulibarri, D-Westminster, went on a tirade earlier this week when Americans for Prosperity held a legislative day at the capitol. And it is worth pointing out, once again, that Democrats seem to only care about big money in politics when it benefits Republicans.

To be fair, we’re not saying big money isn’t a problem, just that it exists on both sides.  Yet, Ulibarri and his colleagues don’t complain when special interests, like the unions, and mega donors, like Tim Gill, pour money into their legislative races.

It’s no secret that thanks to financial backing from the Koch brothers, AFP has become a force to be reckoned with, fighting for limited government and free-market policies. While their priorities more naturally align with Republicans, the group is technically non-partisan.

Senate President Bill Cadman took Ulibarri’s accusations head on in his hometown paper, telling the Colorado Springs Gazette:

“Twisting that [legislative day at the capitol] into some kind of conspiracy, conveniently centered around the left’s usual bogeymen, the Koch brothers, suggests a little paranoia, mixed with a lot of partisan posturing. We really don’t have time to follow Democrats down that rabbit hole, with less than half the session left. Our plan, in the time we have, is to continue constructively working with the other party, wherever we can, to address the issues average Coloradans really care about.”

Hooray for actually wanting to work together. Now if we can just get the media to turn a deaf ear to anyone repeating the same tired Koch brothers talking points.