Let’s help U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet realize his dream come election day, and vote him out of office.

Asked if he would vote for Obamacare knowing it could cost him the election, Bennet proudly told CNN that yes, he would.

This reminder brought to you this week in honor of the anniversary of Obamacare, and the thousands of state and federal bureaucrats who have helped make it a disaster.

A quarter million Coloradans saw their health insurance cancelled in the immediate aftermath, and another 70,000 lost their coverage recently when the co-op collapsed.

We’ve seen misspending scandals of epic proportions, millions of tax dollars wasted by Connect for Health Colorado, and our own insurance costs skyrocket for less benefits than we received prior to Bennet’s great accomplishment six years ago.

Let’s show Bennet just how much we care about his accomplishment in November, and vote the bum out.