raspberriesThe VA is refusing to release its internal investigation of what went wrong at the hospital construction site in Aurora, refusing to hold any employee accountable, effectually thumbing their noses at the veterans they purport to represent.

They claim that the only three unnamed employees responsible no longer work for the government or were demoted, so that’s the end of that, they hope.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, in his ever-so-never helpful manner, issued a statement saying the VA should take a hard look at whatever findings the inspector general comes up with, and do what the agency has already said it’s not going to do — hold anyone accountable.

“The VA should use the Inspector General’s findings as an opportunity to punish those responsible, including referring any potential criminal acts to the Department of Justice,” said Bennet, a Colorado Democrat.

We hate to have to bang you over the head with this Mr. Senator, but bang we must. Look closely at what the Denver Post reported:

Following the completion of an internal investigation, the VA said Tuesday it does not plan to punish anyone else involved in the construction of a new hospital in Aurora that saw its cost balloon by $1 billion.

Politely urging action after a government agency with which you hold the purse strings blows raspberries in your face is not what we expect from our elected officials.

You have the power to change the law to hold bureaucrats accountable. Inaction does not get senators reelected, Mr. Bennet.