My Approved PortraitsColorado is once again in the spotlight, despite not conducting a presidential straw poll or primary this year. With the discussion surrounding who will ultimately snag the Republican presidential nod still threatening to boil over, Colorado’s 37 delegates are now a top target for the three remaining presidential candidates – Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Governor John Kasich. Cruz already plans to attend the April 9 Colorado State Assembly and Trump and Kasich also have been invited.

Word on the ground suggests that Cruz will have the inside track on delegates advancing to the state assembly, but there are some who are pledging to remain unwed before the Cleveland Republican National Convention.  From the Politico article:

“More than 300 of the potential delegates are running as unbound—opting not to declare an allegiance to any candidate and to head to Cleveland as free agents. That may change, as campaigns look to convince the activists that their best chance of getting a ticket to the convention will come from signing on to a slate of Cruz or Trump delegates.”

While strategists are predicting a Cruz sweep at the State Assembly due a “natural alliance” with Team Neville (Tim, that is), this election year is proof that almost anything can happen. With 944 delegates still to be awarded, current national delegate counts stand at: Trump (739), Cruz (465), Rubio (166), Kasich (143), uncommitted (9), and Ben Carson (8).

Stay tuned, PeakNation™, we’re still in for a wild ride.