We’ve reported frequently about the increasing importance of Colorado’s delegates and 9News’ Brandon Rittiman teamed up with former Democratic Party Chairman turned Independent Pollster Floyd Ciruli to break it down for us on “Balance of Power”.

According to Rittiman’s count, Cruz has 106 pledged delegates going into the state convention, compared to Trump’s 63. But there are a total of 314 delegates going to the convention, so a significant portion of the delegates are still unpledged. Headed into the congressional conventions, Cruz has 94 pledged delegates, compared to Cruz’s 60, with a total of 269 unpledged so far. That’s 64% of the delegates that are undeclared. While experts think that Cruz has the only delegate operation in this process, that’s a lot of undeclared delegates. All of these delegates will be whittled down to 37 through the various assemblies.

As Ciruli noted:

“Isn’t it ironic that on March 1 Colorado received no attention, and now the Republican leadership is all over our delegates because they’ve become extremely important in this close race. I think they’re really critical because it’s not clear that Trump is going to get to 1,237, so these delegates, as unpledged…are really part of the whole competition.”

Choose wisely, Colorado Republicans