Howard_Bros.CircusConvention chaos – it’s not just for Republicans anymore.  The mess that the Democratic National Convention is turning into because of the controversial use of super delegates is starting to creep into Colorado politics.  Bernie Sanders supporters are feeling a ripped off because their candidate wins landslide victories in some states, but just squeaks by with a narrow delegate edge because establishment Democrat insiders are throwing their super delegate votes Hillary’s way. Or, in the case of Colorado, ties with Hillary.

The Denver Post is reporting that Coloradans from all over are pressuring three of the state’s top super delegates, Governor John Hickenlooper, Senator Michael Bennet, and Congressman Jared Polis, on their public support of Hilary Clinton, in spite of Bernie Sanders’ dominating 19 percent victory over Clinton in this month’s Colorado Caucus.

So far, these Colorado super delegates are not backing off their support for Clinton.  Polis even received a note with his take out dinner from a Boulder restaurant this week.

In a party so fixated on an equality of outcome as opposed to an equality of opportunity, it is shocking that the Democrats have such an unfair delegate system, that rewards party insiders at the expense of everyman primary voters.  Colorado Democrats should continue to hold their elected leaders accountable, and continue to question the reasonableness of them voting against the will of their party rank and file given such a lopsided Sanders victory at the caucus.