220px-Cory_Gardner,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressU.S. Sen. Cory Gardner and other members of Congress are preparing to take President Obama to court for a “constitutional fight” if he insists on shutting down Guantanamo Bay and shipping detainees stateside.

Gardner delivered his threat during a town hall meeting in Florence Monday, where he also informed the crowd that seven of the 13 locations scouted by the Pentagon for the detainee’s future home are in Fremont County.

“I will do everything I can do prevent in Guantanamo Bay detainees from being brought to Florence, to Fremont Colorado, to Colorado and to the Unites States of America,” Gardner said, who received a round of applause.

Gardner’s threat comes on the heels of testimony last week in Congress that 30 percent of detainees turned loose revert to their old ways of terrorism.

We expect Obama won’t waver, now that he’s proclaimed that terrorism is the new normal and we should all just get over it.

We also expect that Gardner will keep his promise and take the president to court, because that seems to be the only way to stop Obama from breaking the law just to keep a campaign promise he should never have made in the first place.